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President Barb Fickes, 2013-2014


2013-2014 Farewell Comments

(The Rotary Year in Review)


The 2013-2014 Presidential Citation recognizes Rotary clubs for an array of achievements that promote our membership growth, enhance humanitarian service through our Foundation, and strengthen our network through the family of Rotary. By qualifying for the Presidential Citation, clubs contribute to Rotary’s strategic goals and multiply the impact of their good work through the collective focus of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs worldwide.


I had the distinct privilege of accepting this award to our club at the recent District Conference in the Annapolis Valley this May. It really was a proud moment in my year as club president, as it was so good to have all the great work we did this past year acknowledged in such a meaningful way. It really has been a good year!




First of all I need to say that it was a distinct pleasure working with the Board over the past 12 plus months. As I took the position a bit early, it was truly empowering to be supported by such a great group of Rotarians. It certainly made my year much easier, and I felt totally supported in all we achieved together.


And as a club, we achieved the following things, all of which counted toward our Citation:


  1. Inducted 10 new members, about half of which are under the age of 40

  2. Engaged members in either serving on a committee, or supporting a fundraising event

  3. Participated in multiple service projects, both locally and internationally, that related to a Rotary Area of Focus

    1. Peace and Conflict Resolution

    2. Disease prevention and treatment

    3. Water and sanitation

    4. Maternal and child health

    5. Basic education and literacy

    6. Economic and community development

  4. We supported a myriad of projects both local and international in nature. These are the areas where together, we made a difference.

    1. Family Services

    2. Youth Exchange

    3. Ecology Action Centre

    4. Rift Valley Water Project

    5. YouthNet

    6. Joseph McKay School Breakfast program

    7. Dominican Republic community project

    8. Themba community project

    9. Shelter Box

    10. Centre for Peace

    11. Nepal water project

    12. Father Tony Solar Hub

    13. UK Hospice

    14. Kenya Water Project

    15. Community Carrot – District Grant Recipient

    16. Youthnet Camp – District Grant Recipient

    17. Phillipines, Typhoon Haiyan

  5. We also defined and supported our HRM Signature Project, the building of a Hospice in the metro area

  6. We developed our social media presence through regular website updates, Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter

  7. And we supported the Rotary Youth Program in multiple ways

    1. Supported our Interact Club at Gorsebrook Jr High School

    2. Laid the groundwork for an Interact Club at Citadel High School

    3. Hosted an Exchange Student, Pauline. We also had a great presentation from Hilary, and the Youth Exchange Committee, on this initiative, and as a result several Rotarians came forward to further support the initiative during the 2015 – 16 Rotary Year

  8. And last, but certainly not least, we planned and carried out two fundraising initiatives which netted us somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000, which will be used to support our projects during this new Rotary year


From an administrative point of view we saw the development of a terrific Funds Application process (thank you to Bonnie and her committee for this great work ), the creation of a monthly calendar which we will continue to develop as we move into the new year, some great record keeping of files on the Club Admin section of our website (thank you to Hilary for managing this piece for us).


These are all parts of the picture of the 2013 – 14 year, and there are lots more that are way to numerous to mention. Thank you, to each and every one of you, for your part in putting this picture together.


We can be proud as Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbourside of what we have achieved, and excited about what lies ahead in the new year. Each time you look at this Citation, you will be reminded of all those wonderful moments we had together, and of all the lives which were profoundly changed, in big and small ways, as a result. I am convinced that I could not be leaving the work ahead in better hands than those of your incoming president, Donna Clark, a Rotarian I know all of you will support fully in the months ahead. Not bad for a girl who found her way to Rotary through a ladies Pole Dancing class. But, that’s another story, and one I would be happy to tell you about any time you ask!


Thank you, each and every Rotarian, for the support you have shown for your club leadership this year, and for the incredible work you have done in your community, and across the globe. I know you will continue to support the new leadership team, and I look forward to more great times ahead.


Yours in Rotary,


Barbara Fickes

Past President (2013-2014)